Commercial Cabins


Commercial Cabins

All-year round protection

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of insulated GRP cabins for both commercial and domestic uses. Our cabins are all-year round protective and are designed to blend naturally into their surroundings. Cabins can be used for a multitude of applications from utility use through to general storage.

Many of our cabins are sited in locations where accessibilty is a key factor. We have supplied units to customer locations throughout the UK, many in remote or unpopulated areas. Cabins provide customers with the opportunity to house metered utility connections and associated operating equipment in a secure and protected environment. Our commercial projects include the 4G network roll-out of cabinet installations on the Isle of Man for Manx Telecom.

Non-utility applications include storage stores, static waste bins and equipment sheds.

Designs and moulds can be made for any application where location and protection is essential.

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